Friday, 9 May 2014

Cape Gulls: A sample from the Cape

This is a selection of Cape Gulls, all taken around Cape Town, South Africa in June 2012.  I've put them here simply as a reference collection.  They are mainly adult birds, but with a few older immature individuals thrown in.  The specific reason I've put them up is because of discussion over one or two recent birds that have appeared in Europe; I hope this series of images helps illustrate some of the variability in wing tip pattern (individual differences between adult birds) and apparent differences in upperpart tone as a function of light conditions.  In the latter context, note that ALL photose were taken with the camera dropped down on-quarter stop and I have intentionally NOT altered the colour tones or levels in the photos.

Note the apparent differences in grey tone of these standing adult birds - the bird above looks fuscus black whereas some of those below (e.g. the final adult bird) look graellsii grey. These differences are more apparent in images than I remember in the field, so I think to some degree are light and photo effects.