Sunday 3 June 2012

First-summer Yellow-legged Gulls, plus other things, Spain, May 2012

I had 10 days working in Spain (18-28 May) so took the chance to visit the Ebro Delta and have a look at some michahellis. I was especially interested in the 2cy birds - a selection of which is shown here.  All were photographed at Sant Carles de la Rapita, on the Southern shore of the delta.

The image above and the three below are all of the same individual. Variability in 2 cy birds at this time of year is bewildering, but all very different to how our British Herring Gulls are looking right now.

 A rather dapper 3 cy
Some adults

As I was working in Lleida I took the chance to visit the city dump - a great place for black kites


Carl Baggott said...

Some very useful images here Chris. I really like the 3cy bird.

luc said...

Same comment: very useful, thank you!