Monday 4 April 2016

Some stuff from Baja

Here are some images from Baja California, taken on a recent trip there.  Most of the time was spent taking pictures of large gulls (mainly Yellow-footed) but there were lots of other birds and marine mammals (especially whales) too; here are a few of these 'other things'...

Sunday 21 February 2016

Pacific Gull

I was in Melbourne, Australia, for work but managed some gulling. Here are some Pacific Gulls (L.pacificus) - a species that I was particularly keen to photograph.  'Impressive' is the only word needed to describe them.

I visited a short-tailed shearwater colony and found that each morning Pacific Gulls (and Kelps) came to feed on birds that were moribund, as well as to dig chicks out from burrows (which crows and Kelps did, but then once pulled out, Pacific came in and took over). So, the bird corpses in some of these images are shearwaters

Friday 7 August 2015

Lanzarote Pelagic

This time last year Hywel Maggs, Phil Crockett and myself went on one of the Lanzarote pelagics.  It was an utterly fantastic trip; the whole experience was simply unforgettable.  Here are some of the better birds....  I'm sure you will recognise them....