Sunday 28 November 2010

Iceland and other gulls, Peterhead (27-28 Nov)

Good numbers of large gulls were present over the weekend at Peterhead. Here is a selection of the more interesting ones.

1 cy Iceland. The same bird is featured in the first four photos

Iceland Gull. This second, paler and more worn bird was also present on both Saturday and Sunday.

A very striking large gull. This pale bird may be a Herring x Glaucous hybrid. The same bird is featured in the photos below.

It is always difficult drawing a line between pale Herrings and suspected hybrids, but this bird does appear exceptional.

Another interesting looking 'northern' gull. Very limited post juvenile moult, dark and velvety-toned underparts, contrasting white head and rather brown primaries combine to give this bird a distinctive look.