Monday 31 August 2009

A selection of gulls from Catalonia, Spain

I spent 12-15 August with Albert Cama Torrell in Tarragona. These photographs were taken in the Port of Tarragona, at Cambrils and down the coast at Saint Carles de la Rapita. My thanks to Albert for his hopitality during my stay.

1 cy Slender-billed Gull

The same bird

Lesser Black-backed Gulls. The jizz of these two birds is strikingly different. Note particularly the bird in the foreground - it is not just heuglini that can have a dark eye and a cachinnans-like head/bill profile!

Lesser Black-backed Gull

One of Tarragona's pigeon-eating michahellis.

2 cy michahellis (ringed on the Ebro delta as a chick)

2 cy michahellis
and another
Same bird as above.

A selection of 1cy michahellis from Catalonia, August 12-15th, 2009

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