Sunday 17 October 2010

Steppe Grey Shrike, Aberdeenshire

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon (Sunday 17th) in a short period of sunshine. The consensus appears to be that the taxonomy of the 'eastern' grey shrike complex needs some revision, though what name will eventually be given to this taxon is a matter of opinion - given that it is not really a bird of Steppe habitat, the name Saxual Grey Shrike may be more appropriate (and has been suggested).


Andy Webb said...

Hi Chris, thanks for posting these great pics. Do you know much about the white tips to the greater coverts. These were clearly visible in the field and in your photos, but if I understand the Collins guide correctly, then Steppe (and all the others in the 'southern' shouldn't show this feature. I don't pretend to have read any wider than Collins on this feature, so this could be contradicted in the literature elsewhere.

Obviously, absolutely everything else is rock solid for Steppe.

Statto said...

Yes cracking pics indeed. Are you looking at first edition of Collins Andy? Second edition says of pallidirostris "Juv and 1st winter have ... broad buff-white tips to greater coverts" The feature is illustrated too on a pallidirostris in flight. I've dug out Birding World from 2008 which shows the same feature on the Lincolnshire bird of that year.
Cheers, Nick

Zac Hinchcliffe said...

Hi Chris

Awesome pictures of the Shrike and very interesting reading on the Gulls. I spend a great deal of time along the Costa Bravan Coast around Roses. A superb area, and certainly very educational for Yellow Legged Gulls!


Chris Gibbins said...

Hi Andy. Nick beat me to it by answering your question....Nice one Nick!

Anonymous said...

I like very much this bird!!!
Very nice picture!!!
Congrats, Cris!!!