Tuesday 14 December 2010

Adult Caspian Gulls, Lithuania (September 2010).

This post shows a selection of Caspian Gulls from Preila Pier on the Neringa Spit, Lithuania. Photos were all taken in mid September. The ringed Ukrainian bird above is an annual visitor to the pier. The birds below illustrate the differences between the sexes, as well as some interesting less typical features.

Leg colour varies enormously.

This bird is interesting - it has bright bare parts (note especially the red of gonys extending onto the upper mandible) and a rather well streaked head. Some may argue that these features make this bird not safely identifiable as cachinnans.

'thayeri' P10 pattern, as visible on this bird, is not so unusual in cachinnans.

A proud (male) bird

Another bright bird

A near-adult

Oddly short legs


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Very interesting as always, the bird with the short legs is particularly interesting.

Hans Larsson said...

Thank´s Chris for sharing this great selection! As for the birds with bright bare parts I also wouldn´t worry too much, as long as they are fine otherwise.

JanJ said...

I chime in with Hans and great pic!