Thursday 30 December 2010

Gulls and owls, Bucharest

Long Eared Owl
Long Eared Owl. A second bird in a roost of around 10.

Many perplexing gulls were seen on the lakes today, birds which I hope will make more sense the more I see. This bird is a far cry from the minds-eye image British birders have of 1w cachinnans, but that's what I think it is.

The same bird; although dark, note the small head and slim bill. Many 1w cachinnans (and michahellis) develop extensively pale bills, a feature which is extremely rare in Herring Gulls of this age.

The same bird.

An unexpected find today was this Herring Gull! I imagine this is a rare bird here in Romania.


Anonymous said...


Chris Gibbins said...

Glad you Liked the pics Sara. Was nice to spend the day with you and your father.

pim wolf said...

Hi Chris, good to see more pics from the near East. The puzzling Pontic seems to be in no condition to reach Britain (or the Netherlands) so we fortunately will not have to worry too much...

stay safe, pim

Unknown said...

Dear Chris,

Please let us to know the exact place and date of the photo about the adult Herring Gull was taken.
Thank you in advance for your answer!