Monday 5 December 2011

Aberdeenshire white-winged gulls, winter 2011-12

This post is an attempt to keep tabs on how many white-winged gulls are present this winter in the Fraserburgh-Peterhead area. I will number each individual Glaucous and Iceland Gull in the order that I see them. I will update the post each time I see/photograph a new individual.

Glaucous no 5, Fraserburgh. Primary pattern and the darker and smoother underparts (and rear neck) differentiate this bird from the others present at this site.

Glaucous no.1, Peterhead

Glaucous no. 1, Peterhead.

Glaucous no 2, Fraserbugh - a very heavily chevroned bird. Note contrast between inner and outer primaries

Glaucous no 2, Fraserburgh.

Iceland no 1, Fraserburgh. First seen 27 Nov; still present 4 Dec.

Iceland no 1, Fraserburgh.

Glaucous no 3, Peterhead. Clearly different to bird 1 that was also present at this location; Glaucous 3 was only seen once.

Glaucous no 3.

Glaucous no 4, Fraserburgh. A rather whitish bird; much paler on the face than bird 2, with much less strongly marked primary coverts (see image below). Also, note the distinctive staining on the very worn, pale primaries visible in the image below.

Glaucous no 4, Fraserburgh.

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