Sunday 26 February 2012

A' Type 1' sailed eider and an extremely dark 'Iceland' Gull

Sailed eider from yesterday! What an absolute stunner. This is what we are currently referring to as a 'type 1' sailed eider (combining large pointed sails with an orangy bill).


In comparison with molissima

Another fascinating bird from Peterhead yesterday. Although it has dark outer webs to the primaries (i.e. just like a Kumliens), this pattern extends inwards all the way to P1 and is actually a touch stronger on the inner than the outer feathers. The problem is working out whether the outer feathers are faded more than the inner ones (which you would expect, given how wings fold) and hence whether it would have shown the full kumlien's pattern when fresh (outer prims with darker outer webs then the inner primaries) . No doubt many Kums in NF are looking like this at the moment. What a great bird to puzzle through. Maybe I'm too critical and conservative? Comments welcome!

A close up of its primaries - how did we cope before digital cameras!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Some very instructive images with expert commentary, for which thanks! I have been admiring your blog for some time - gulls are a fascinating group. When you get a moment, please come to east Asia and sort out some of our large white-headed gull issues! Cheers, Terry