Sunday 31 January 2010

Three different Iceland Gulls, Peterhead

At last, we have some Iceland Gulls at Peterhead. This weekend (30 and 31 Jan) three different birds were present (2 second winter individuals and an adult). All three birds are shown here. The image above is the longstaying bird.

A new 2w bird, appreciably darker than the one above. This bird was present for around one hour on Saturday.
Bird 2.
Bird 1.
Bird 1.
This adult appreared yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime. I was throwing bread out and it came in for around five minutes, circled a few times then left. I did not see it for the remainder of the day.
It was not flying well and it seems that its left wing is damaged in some way

And a rather nice 'argie' with a thayeri pattern on P9

And another, with rather typical grey (not black) on the underside of the primaries.

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