Sunday 29 January 2012

Kumlien's, Iceland and Glaucous: once in a lifetime?

The weekend of 28 and 29 January was truly memorable - perhaps even a once in a lifetime experience as far as white-winged gulls are concerned. This post shows a selection of images taken over the weekend. The image above shows the 3w Kumlien's from Fraserburgh.

This Glaucous got something of a shock when a seal surfaced next to it.

Adult Kumlien's, Peterhead

Yet another Kumliens - all the kums present at the weekend have been around for at least a week now.

Five Glaucous gulls were at Peterhead - this one favoured a dead seal (note the blood on its bill)

Another one of the Glaucs

A Glaucous from Fraserburgh

Same bird as above...

... and the next in the sequence

A second 1w Glaucous from Fraserburgh

2w Glaucous, Peterhead. Note the damage to its bill; it's a rough life being a gull.

The same 2w bird

And the same bird again

1w Iceland, Peterhead.

The same Iceland

A 1w Iceland from Fraserburgh

2w Iceland

The same 2w Iceland as above

An Iceland from Peterhead

A second winter Iceland - lots of pigmentation in its primaries, but the pattern of this is all wrong for a typical Kumlien's

3w Iceland

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