Sunday 15 January 2012

Shades of pale: another Kumlien's, plus lots more Glaucous and Iceland Gulls

Another superb weekend of gulling. All day Saturday and all day Sunday at Peterhead and Fraserburgh produced 19 white winged gulls - 8 Glaucous, 10 Iceland and a new Kumlien's. The total is remarkably similar to the number of loaves of bread used getting these photos...

A melee

3w Kumlien's, found by Paul Baxter and myself on saturday. A real beauty

The pattern is beginning to 'ghost' that shown by ads, with a large mirror on p10

The kumlien's was supported by a cast of Iceland and Glaucous, including this lovely ad Iceland

ad Iceland

ad Iceland

ad Iceland

3w Iceland

2w Iceland - a darkish bird with some stippling in primaries

2w Iceland - the same bird as above. Although stippled, the pattern of pale and dark in the primaries is all wrong for kum's.

another 2w Iceland

a different dark Iceland - this one from peterhead. Again, though dark, the pattern in the primaries is not correct for identifiable kums.

Thes same dark 2w from Peterhead

A pale 2w Iceland

1w Iceland. The paler of the two 1w birds present at Peterhead

1w Glaucous - this one has been around for a week

2w Glaucous - another bird that has been around for a while

2 w Glaucous - the same bird as above.


Barry Stewart said...

Fabulous light on some great birds - safe to say you've got gull photography down a fine art! That dark-looking 2w would certainly have got my attention. We've had a very pale 2w down here recently with almost wholly white wings.
PS. Many thanks for the contents of my parcel - very much appreciated :)

Chris Gibbins said...

Hi Baz. Ggreat - glad the parcel arrived! All tripe, but at least the pics are good:)