Sunday 22 January 2012

Record-breaking weekend: Kumlien's and lots more Iceland Gulls

The weekend of 21/22 Jan produced around 25 white-winged Gulls, including these four captured together at Peterhead.

My highlight of the weekend was this second-winter Kumlien's, here showing off its primary pattern to full effect.

The same Kumlien's

The Kumlien's

For comparison, here is an Iceland of the same age.

3w Iceland. Interesting to compare this with the 3w kums at Fraserburgh. Pictured below is a selection of the Iceland Gulls present at Peterhead.

This adult shows a rather pepperd iris, as per Kumlien's. However, there is no evidence of any darkening in the primaries, and it was not possible to compare its upperpart grey tone directly with the glaucoides present; so at the moment is it best left as an Iceland.

The same bird

A different adult glaucoides

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